Dressing the ladies

Finding the right bridemaids dress for any wedding is a daunting task; I think it’s rare that any bridal party is exactly the same shape and size (although that would make it SO MUCH EASIER). Even though I think it’s difficult, my goal was to let my bridesmaids wear dresses that they were comfortable in. One of my biggest desires was for the girls to wear boots, so since that was something that I really wanted, I didn’t want to make them all wear the same dress. Around the time that we got engaged, the mis-matched bridesmaid dress was gaining popularity and I was instantly in love with the way they all wore different dresses that looked like they were meant to go together. I got inspiration from pictures like:

mismatched bridesmaids dresses

Photo Via Green Wedding Shoes

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Photo via Chez Wedd

I knew that this was the best option for our wedding, and with only 4 bridesmaids it wouldn’t get too complicated. So I let them pick their own dresses! Color, style brand were all up to them, they just needed to pick a short chiffon dress from within the wedding colors (butter and chocolate). Luckily, BM J already had a yellow chiffon dress that she could wear again which is AWESOME! And we went dress shopping together the morning after my birthday (probably a BAD decision, but whatever) to find some for the other girls. MOH S found hers almost right away and it looked so great on her! BM K also found a dress she loved the first day, but knew she had some time to order so she waited–which was actually a SUPER smart decision since between then and now she found out she’s expecting! So she had time to go and find a dress that’d fit her 6 months baby bump for our September wedding without having to worry about CRAZY alterations. BM T finally found her dress at Alfred Angelo and they’re all happy with what they chose, which makes me so happy to know that they’re going to be comfortable with what they’re wearing on our Wedding Day! It also worked out since BM’s J & T are wearing yellow, MOH S is wearing a medium brown and BM K is wearing a chocolate-brown! They’re all going to look so great with the brown cowboy boots and I couldn’t be happier.

Are you having your bridesmaids wear all the same dress? Or are your maids rocking the mismatched look?


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