Drink our beer from a mason jar…

OK, so this post isn’t necessarily about drinking beer out of mason jars (or, I guess it KIND of is)…but it IS about Mason Jars, and how we’re incorporating them into our wedding. And come on, who doesn’t like that Toby Keith song? Well I do, and I LOVE the restaurant in Vegas where they serve all their drinks in–you got it–MASON JARS. I know that mason jars at weddings is definitely a “THING” right now. But really, I don’t care. I love that we are using them in our wedding, and it makes me really happy thinking about all our friends up at our outdoor wedding drinking from them.

Drinking glasses, however, is not the only way we are utilizing them. We also will be using them as centerpieces. The centerpieces will be a mix of the antique blue ones and clear ones decorated with lace and jute–a combination that definitely goes with my burlap and lace table runners (more on that later). Finding the mason jars to drink out of was a cinch–a cart full at WalMart and we’re done (well with the purchasing them part, at least). The ones for the centerpieces though? UHHHHH. I’m so un-lucky those blue ones are so pretty and that I’m in love with them because dog-gon-it they’re difficult to come by (or at least at a reasonable price). So far I’ve accumulated about HALF of the amount I was planning on, and I’ve mostly stalled because as much as I love them, I hate forking over (up to) $15 per jar! (Yes, you read that RIGHT) $15! MY best deal was scoring one pint-sized one at a garage sale for $.50. So that brought my average price per jar down to like $12…yay.

The clear ones, on the other hand, were easy to come by (thanks to WalMart AND having my birthday at Joe’s Crab Shack–who, in case you’re wondering, ALSO serves their beverages in Mason Jars). So now all I had to do was decorate them. My first round, I stopped after one jar. Yep, ONE JAR. I had kind of pushed the project in between other projects and I guess was mainly trying to see if it was do-able. Here is what I got:

Excuse the horrible phone pic. On this one, I trimmed the lace to make it only about 2.5 inches wide and made a bow with the jute ribbon. At first I was very impressed with how this came out. Looking back on it, the bow is monstrous; just plain HUGE. So back to the drawing board I went. This time around, I took not one but TWO pics (see I’m getting better at this). A before and an after. I also tweaked my plan a little bit to not end up with the big-for-no-reason bow.


If you look close enough, you can see the crab on the side of the mason jars! Anyways, this time around, I didn’t trim the lace, just kept it the original width. Instead of the Jute ribbon (and massive bow) I used Jute cord and just wrapped it around the center of the jar, securing it with the hot glue gun. This made the finished product (IMO) look way better.

Don’t they look way better? These mason jars are mainly for candles (LED of course!), so I think they’ll work out perfectly! I do still have more to make though, so hopefully I can knock them out in one of the upcoming weekends. I also still need to track down more blue mason jars, but I have some time set aside next week (since I have to work this weekend!) to hit up the antique stores near my work (that I have YET to visit).

**All Photos Personal**

Did any of your DIY projects not come out how you intended the first time around?


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