Ringing in the Long Weekend

As I mentioned here on Friday, my plan was to use this long weekend to complete as many DIY projects as physically possible. WELL….I maybe completed ONE. EPIC FAIL. On the bright side, we did get a couple other important tasks done. For starters, we FINALLY went to check out wedding bands (**yay**). It almost had to be postponed, but thankfully my positivity made it happen. Only problem now: deciding what ring I like best. Prior to ring shopping I was IN LOVE with a Simon G wedding band, that’s a little out of the box, but I love that it’s a little bit different, and can also be worn alone. FI was NOT convinced, however, so I tried on a Tacori band that matched my engagement ring, but still had that slightly different look I was going for. I’m still undecided, however, the more I think about it the more I think he’s right (which I HATE to admit, but I guess it is what it is). What do you think? The Simon G

The SImon G band I LOVE


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