The only problem with DIY…

The only problem with being obsessed with DIY wedding decorations is that in order to be DIY you actually have to DO IT YOURSELF. While I’m not an artistic person, I am pretty crafty, which is very beneficial when planning do it yourself projects. I have found so many projects to not only save me money by DIY, but also giving me the control over the finished product (I’m a FIRM believer in, you can’t complain that it’s messed up if you did it yourself—well you CAN but you have no one to blame but yourself). So with this belief firmly implanted I have accumulated supplies for over a dozen projects I need to complete in the next few months. Not including, of course, the ones that require a sewing machine or tools of any kind which have been handed over to my even craftier Mom. Falling in love with projects like this sign for my 2nd ring bearer to carry


Weddings Inspired by the Heart

Or Burlap bunting to hang over the Cookie Bar, somewhat like this


Offbeat Bride

And these are the EASY projects (I failed to mention that I still need to cut and glue all the envelope liners—which seemed super easy when planning but now in the implementing stage just seem like something to keep putting off)

Did you take on too many projects? Does the finished project seem so far away it’s hard to picture?


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