Setting a Budget

Similarly to most engaged couples, one of the first things we decided on for our wedding was a budget. We have a unique and complicated family situation on both sides, and we’ve known from the beginning of our relationship that we would pay for the wedding if not entirely by ourselves, most of it for sure. Seeing as our family craziness is at minimum mildly entertaining and at its peak ridiculous and borderline insanity inducing, I will spare the witty (and sometimes aggravating) anecdotes for another post—this one is all about the MONEY.

Setting the budget for your wedding can be stressful, and sometimes depressing. It was no different for us. Sadly we are not fortunate enough to unlimited resources at our disposal, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a spectacular wedding! Luckily for us, despite our lack of unlimited resources, Mr. B works very hard in his spare time for his dad to help us afford the wedding that we want. I’m a budget shopper, myself, and am always searching out for the best deal—not to say I don’t have a tendency to splurge on something that I really want. When it comes to budget wedding planning, it comes down to priorities. Most brides, myself included, can’t afford to splurge on EVERYTHING. But being able to splurge on the things that are important to you as a couple, and the compromise of saving on things that aren’t so important is what makes each wedding unique. Different people have different priorities when it comes to wedding planning and that’s why there’s not a foolproof guide to planning on a budget. Every Bride and every budget is different. What’s important is that you have the best wedding for you, and your fiancé, not how much money you spent. One thing I’ve learned from all this planning is that working together on setting and sticking to a wedding budget is good practice for budgeting in real life, so make good use of it and work together!

Was it easy for you to decide on a budget?


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