Just Breathe…

I decided shortly after wedding planning began that other than the obvious endgame of being married to my best friend. The one thing I wanted to accomplish from the wedding planning process was keeping my sanity. I know so many people who have become crazy from the wedding planning process (I will refrain from using the term bridezilla as I believe that it’s a subjective term). I wanted to retain my relationship, friendships and sanity, and in order to do that I realized that I had to accept early on that no matter what I did and how perfect my plans were, something would, inevitably, go wrong. I think this is what causes somewhat normal and sane women into becoming crazy basket cases: they work so hard to make everything perfect, when perfection shouldn’t be your goal. You know that saying about love, “it’s not finding a perfect person, and it’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly”? I think the same concept applies to wedding planning. If at the end of the day you’re married to the person you love, than everything went perfectly. No one will remember whether the food was bad or if music sucked. They’re going to remember the day that you got married. So breathe. Wedding planning is enough to make anyone go crazy, just don’t let it.


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