With the right guy, you still need your girls!

Picking my bridal party in many ways was easy. I always knew S, would again be my Maid of Honor. She was the first person I called, and I don’t know how she was able to make out my squealing request! It was difficult for me to breathe, let alone ask her a question (or wait for her answer)!  I saw bridesmaid K a few days later, and even though I was dying to ask her to be a Bridesmaid and her son little K (one of my two favorites little guys) to be the ring bearer, Mr. B claimed that even though he had completely decided who were to be his groomsmen, K’s hubby and his brother included, he claimed he wasn’t prepared to ask them. So I planned on waiting and planning an awesome way to ask. Until we were celebrating at their house and he just blurted out that he wanted them to be groomsmen. So much for creative planning. They all happily accepted, and now there were only two left to ask. I quickly planned a lunch with my two best friends from high school. I honestly couldn’t believe how nervous I was! But luckily they happily agreed and my bridal party was set!

Now that I’m far along in the planning process, and I’m working on putting together Bridesmaid gifts, I’ve found so many cute cards and gifts for asking someone to be a bridesmaid and I wish my inpatience had not gotten the best of me! I would love to have given my Bridesmaids something like this:Set of 2 - Peel-and-Stick - Will you be my Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor - WINE or champagne BOTTLE LABELS - Printed & Shipped

Photo via Michele Purner Designs Etsy Shop

or a card like this

Will you be my Bridesmaid Cards (Need My Girls) - Set of 3

photos from Little Lady Designs Etsy Shop

Was there anything that you wished you could have done, but didn’t have enough time (or couldn’t wait long enough) to do?


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