It has a nice ring to it…

So in all of my excitement over my first blog entry and the joy I get from sharing my engagement story, I completely forgot one of the most important parts: the RING. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: the ring is not what’s important. And you’re right, it’s not. The promise to spend the rest of my life with my soul mate is the MOST important thing. But I’m going to spend the rest of my life with the ring, too, aren’t I? So therefore it is a little bit important. Well let me premise this story with the information that my obsession with weddings and marrying Mr. B was probably the only thing that beats out my obsession with engagement rings. Now that I have one, it has been incredibly difficult to stop lusting (yes, lusting) over gorgeous rings in magazines. The only reason I think I have truly managed to suppress this is because I genuinely got the ring that I wanted.

I truly admire the brides that get rings that their fiance picked out and are genuinely happy with them. Although I know that had Mr. B picked out a ring that he chose and presented it, I would have loved it because he chose it. But knowing him as well as I do, he’s the type that really wants to make me happy, and knowing how picky I am, I was convinced I should provide him with as much information as possible.

About a year (I know, I’m bad) before we were engaged, I started to drop subtle hints about what rings I would like. And by subtle, I of course mean emailing him photos of exact rings. Of course my taste in rings did change significantly over the course of our relationship. I had always wanted a cushion cut diamond; I loved the soft curves it added to the traditional square diamond. In my opinion it was far superior to a regular princess cut. But when my friend got a cushion cut, despite its beauty, it was very similar to what I had wanted, and being ring twins wasn’t exactly a childhood dream of mine. So I went on a quest to find my ring soul mate. The first time I saw an oval diamond I was in love. I knew it was the one for me, mostly because I wanted a ring that not many people had. To me though, it wasn’t as simple as just having an oval diamond. I wanted an oval with a halo and tons of pave diamonds. Which at first, I felt I would never find without custom designing my ring. But then I found Tacori. The Tacori 2620 OV was my ring soul mate. No matter how many other rings I saw, I always came back to it. It had everything I wanted, it was delicate, covered in pave diamonds and of course way more than Mr. B (or I) had ever intended to spend on a ring. I told him I didn’t need the exact ring, but that he could find one similar and just use it as a guideline. I did tell him if he really wanted to pick something out himself that was fine too, and gave him a list of things that I knew I did NOT want. That way if picking it out was truly what he wanted, he wouldn’t be picking out something I blatantly hated (and had to live with).

We went so far as to go look at my dream ring a short month before the big day, and I was extremely disappointed to know the largest engagement ring store in San Diego that had my precious Tacori did not carry it in the oval! I feared I would never see my perfect ring, especially knowing how against ordering something he had never seen Mr. B was. But sure enough after I had said “YES!” he pulled it out of his pocket and the three of us have been inseparable ever since!

Were you surprised by what ring your FH picked out? Or was it exactly what you expected?


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