It has a nice ring to it…

So in all of my excitement over my first blog entry and the joy I get from sharing my engagement story, I completely forgot one of the most important parts: the RING. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: the ring is not what’s important. And you’re right, it’s not. The promise to spend the rest of my life with my soul mate is the MOST important thing. But I’m going to spend the rest of my life with the ring, too, aren’t I? So therefore it is a little bit important. Well let me premise this story with the information that my obsession with weddings and marrying Mr. B was probably the only thing that beats out my obsession with engagement rings. Now that I have one, it has been incredibly difficult to stop lusting (yes, lusting) over gorgeous rings in magazines. The only reason I think I have truly managed to suppress this is because I genuinely got the ring that I wanted.

I truly admire the brides that get rings that their fiance picked out and are genuinely happy with them. Although I know that had Mr. B picked out a ring that he chose and presented it, I would have loved it because he chose it. But knowing him as well as I do, he’s the type that really wants to make me happy, and knowing how picky I am, I was convinced I should provide him with as much information as possible.

About a year (I know, I’m bad) before we were engaged, I started to drop subtle hints about what rings I would like. And by subtle, I of course mean emailing him photos of exact rings. Of course my taste in rings did change significantly over the course of our relationship. I had always wanted a cushion cut diamond; I loved the soft curves it added to the traditional square diamond. In my opinion it was far superior to a regular princess cut. But when my friend got a cushion cut, despite its beauty, it was very similar to what I had wanted, and being ring twins wasn’t exactly a childhood dream of mine. So I went on a quest to find my ring soul mate. The first time I saw an oval diamond I was in love. I knew it was the one for me, mostly because I wanted a ring that not many people had. To me though, it wasn’t as simple as just having an oval diamond. I wanted an oval with a halo and tons of pave diamonds. Which at first, I felt I would never find without custom designing my ring. But then I found Tacori. The Tacori 2620 OV was my ring soul mate. No matter how many other rings I saw, I always came back to it. It had everything I wanted, it was delicate, covered in pave diamonds and of course way more than Mr. B (or I) had ever intended to spend on a ring. I told him I didn’t need the exact ring, but that he could find one similar and just use it as a guideline. I did tell him if he really wanted to pick something out himself that was fine too, and gave him a list of things that I knew I did NOT want. That way if picking it out was truly what he wanted, he wouldn’t be picking out something I blatantly hated (and had to live with).

We went so far as to go look at my dream ring a short month before the big day, and I was extremely disappointed to know the largest engagement ring store in San Diego that had my precious Tacori did not carry it in the oval! I feared I would never see my perfect ring, especially knowing how against ordering something he had never seen Mr. B was. But sure enough after I had said “YES!” he pulled it out of his pocket and the three of us have been inseparable ever since!

Were you surprised by what ring your FH picked out? Or was it exactly what you expected?


Our Engagement Story!

After many subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints I was beginning to think that a proposal was never going to happen. A little background about me: I lack the very important virtue of patience. And it’s not only that my ability to be patient is lacking, I am blatantly, over-the-top INPATIENT. I can’t stand waiting; it’s pointless to try to surprise me because even hearing a whisper in the wind about a surprise I am on a full-fledged mission to find out what it is. When it comes to proposals, this definitely puts a chink in the armor. It’s not just that my constant hints made it difficult to pull off a surprise, but my constant discussion of wedding ideas made it nearly impossible.

At the same time I was becoming frantic that he would “never propose”, the MOH was going through a similar, yet less stressed version of life. She has always been a more “it’ll happen when it happens” to my constant desire to be ahead of the curve. So the Sunday afternoon before our annual Catalina excursion when my phone rang, I saw it was her, and knew exactly what she was calling to tell me. I answered the phone and sure enough, my hunch was right. She was engaged!!! I was a ball of emotion: both joy for her impending nuptials with the sadness that I, myself, was not yet engaged. She was so excited it was difficult to come to terms with the stress this had put on me. How can you be so completely happy and excited for someone, and yet be so disappointed at the same time? I know what you’re thinking, poor Mr. B, he must’ve have definitely had a horrible night. But to be honest maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Fortunately for him, I was dog sitting at my dads, and he was at home, perfectly safe from any emotion that may have come over me. The next day we visited MOH and her FI at her parents, and I quickly decided to throw myself into my MOH duties, as it was now clear that I was not getting engaged ANY time soon. You, see, Mr. B is one of those people who are avidly against stealing someone else’s “thunder”. Hopefully, you’re picturing the same chaotic episode of FRIENDS that I think of when I say that. You know, the one where Monica gets engaged and Rachel “miraculously” gets caught kissing Ross in the hallway and 30 minutes of drama ensues. THAT episode. Any dreams I had of getting a proposal in Catalina had slipped from my mind; Mr. B would never do that to someone we were both so close to. Two days later we were on our way to Catalina for the family vacation we go on every year, two non-engaged people.

Since we go every year, we’re always doing the same outdoorsy things: mostly hiking, hiking and usually, more hiking. I know that most people go to Catalina to enjoy the beaches and snorkeling, but I am incredibly paranoid about fish and have an unnatural fear of going in the water. But that’s a whole other story for another post. But this year, FI had other plans; he really wanted to go Avalon, the bigger of the two harbors on the island, where we hadn’t been in two years. I hastily agreed, and we planned to go the 2nd day of the trip. My dad was surprisingly on board with the idea, and we embarked on the 2 hour bus ride through the island.

The drive was surprisingly easy and we saw many parts of the island we’d never seen before, including lots and LOTS of buffalo! We enjoyed a nice lunch and then decided that we should rent a golf cart to drive around, something we had never done together. He insisted on stopping at every lookout point, and for someone always on the lookout for a proposal, I was incredibly clueless as to why. After turning in the golf cart, we decided to walk around to Lover’s Cove, a popular diving area off the main harbor. We walked until a sign stating no further pedestrian traffic prevented us from going to the point. He pleaded we go anyways, but ever the rules-follower I insisted that we shouldn’t. So we turned around and headed back to the main harbor. After a couple minutes, I realized as usual, I was many steps ahead of him and decided to turn around and wait. Much to my surprise there he was, down on one knee asking me to marry him. I couldn’t believe it! How could he steal someone’s “thunder”?? That was so unlike him! After my initial shock wore off and the ring was on my finger, he quickly informed me that he had called the MOH to ask her permission to still ask as he had planned, and being the best friend that she is, she quickly agreed! A flurry of phone calls quickly took place as we called everyone we knew. My dad and step mom, who we were on vacation with, knew about the surprise and as my dad put it “Were so happy he didn’t wait until Friday because I don’t think your step mom could have kept the secret any longer”. His parents both already knew as well. Apparently, my mom was the only one who wasn’t filled in for fear of her spilling the beans. I was so impressed at everyone’s involvement in making sure our special day went so smoothly. Were any of your friends or family involved in keeping your proposal a surprise?